Our talent

We have always believed in attracting talent and the development of such as a fundamental basis of our mutual growth.

Our strength is our ability to continue to grow by having a team which combines experience, vocation and passion for agriculture based on sustainable and innovative processes.  We want to contribute to the social development of our communities and be a guiding light in the sector.

Intelligent agriculture needs intelligent people like you.

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Our benefits Develop your career alongside a team
ccommitted to your future.

  • Internal promotion Ver más

    The human resource development plan gives priority to the labour mobility of our employees within the company.

  • Balance and equality Ver más

    We foster equal opportunities by putting faith in generational and professional diversity, thus offering a working environment which is attuned to the needs of our team.

  • Training and development Ver más

    We believe in retaining talent by offering our employees a training plan and a personalised career with the aim of preparing them in the use of new machinery, tools and processes and thus enhancing versatility.

  • Internal communication Ver más

    We build confidence and a continuous dialogue through informal and direct channels of communication. We foster participatory feedback and give awards for creative and innovative proposals.

  • Flexible payment benefits Ver más

    In addition to a competitive salary, Agrihold offers the possibility of embracing a flexible payment system thus benefitting from a blend of products or services in your salary such as, for example, medical insurance.

It’s better to hear it from them

I joined the project to open and direct an innovative department based on sustainability and digitization. Since then, I have been able to grow personally and professionally, being able to carry out my work with the trust and appreciation of the team. Carolina Puigcerver Pest and Disease Management Department
Working at Agrihold fulfills that ideal of a place where you have the freedom to set yourself challenges, make use of the best tools, experiment, learn and have time to execute the plans that will lead you to success. Francisco José Acedo Zarzafruit Technician
When working at Agrihold we have the requirement to represent a large group, knowing that if each one wants and makes an effort, they will be able to grow professionally and personally at the rate that the group companies do. It is very important for a professional to know that they are working on solid projects and that they are always oriented towards improvement. Pedro Jara Zarzafruit administration manager
The team is fantastic, there is a good communication from the administration-HR part to the field workers, with constant help from the whole group in everything. Alejandro Arlandis Revacitrus Integrated Production Technician