Firmly committedAt Agrihold we measure and look after our impact from all angles; environmental, human and as a business.

The environment

We believe that the environment is not something abstract. It is simply our place of work.

That is why we strive to look after our environment so that it is sustainable over time, so that it is a place of value where all can live and work, and so that our company acts mindfully within a fair society.

Our environmental, social and economic conscience guides our aspirations to achieve the Agenda 2030 sustainable development objectives.

Efficient use of water

  • Our water supplies for cultivation are regulated by the Hydrographic Confederation so that they are sustainable over time.
  • We apply multiple measuring techniques onsite to guarantee an optimal consumption.
  • We use advanced watering controls online and in real time to improve the efficiency of our hydraulic network and thus the amount used.
  • 6. Clean water & drainage
  • 7. Clean and affordable energy

Soil protection

  • In order to maintain the soil as the foundation of our crops we use nutrients which protect and strengthen the microorganisms which live in our soil.
  • We measure and manage the supply of nitrates to create an optimal fertiliser which does not build up in the soil.
  • We promote the planting of cover crops to avoid soil erosion, lock in nitrogen and build trophic relationships.
  • 15. The life of terrestrial ecosystems

Management of plagues and diseases

  • We carry out sampling onsite to study the evolution of the different pathogens which affect crops.  We digitalise the information instantly so it can be analysed.
  • We prioritise biological control by developing and growing different natural enemies which can combat plagues as well as the use of traps and pheromones.
  • We take part in international investigation projects on possible pathogen threats which can affect our crops, in addition to looking for sustainable control strategies.
  • 15. The life of terrestrial ecosystems

Promoting biodiversity

  • We create and restore natural spaces reserved for the growth of native flora and fauna.
  • We promote the conservation of centennial trees and the creation of natural corridors to facilitate the coexistence with the natural environment.
  • We work alongside international institutions and companies in order to protect the biodiversity.
  • 13. Climate action