Our dedication to agriculture across the Iberian Peninsula for more than 70 years has given us a highly innovative and professional, global vision as regards farming production. We nurture the unique features and excellence of every farm we manage.

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Proven experience

Farming has been in our blood since the 1950’s. This passion has been finely tuned by experience and a deep-dive into the Agri-Food sector in search of continuous improvements.

This exploration has also enabled us to expand and grow by collaborating with farms which are carefully selected for their outstanding value and robustness and thus forming today Agrihold – our large holding company.

Passion for the countryside and its produce.

What moves us

Each day we rise with one objective: to work our crops diligently and provide excellence for our clients, guaranteeing them a nutritious, sustainable and consistent product.

Committed to the sector

We work hard every day to be the best example within our sector, to contribute to progress and the future of such a vital part of life – agriculture and food.

Continuous improvement

Three key elements form the backbone of everything we do to have a robust system of growth and serve our clients better.

Digitalisation in all areas of work has enabled us to obtain the maximum information about the crops in order to better look after them and supply them at any given time. By continually optimising our machinery we can work more efficiently and sustainably. Likewise, by collaborating with universities and private centres of investigation we are able to procure new and better variants in order to tailor our product portfolio to the market.

  • Digitalisation of processes
  • Varietal innovation
  • Optimisation of machinery

Sustainability. Don’t just pay lip service, certify it.